Hyperbaric Chamber

HBOT, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Healing Wounds and Injuries

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, HBOT, offers advanced wound healing through increased oxygen delivery to infected tissue.  Oxygen therapy promotes blood vessel formation and reduces the effects of toxins in the body.  The benefits of this treatment option are quite extensive and cover a wide range of conditions and injuries, such as: 

HBOT offers an alternative to many traditional treatment options that may not have previously worked for patients.  Each condition, injury, and wound is different.  Oxygen therapy targets all of these ailments by offering the following benefits:

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is quickly becoming a safer, more effective treatment option for many patients.  With little to no side effects and high success rates, HBOT is becoming more and more common as an added or alternative treatment option for a wide range of conditions and injuries.

Oxygen Treatment

HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, combines 100 percent oxygen with greater than normal levels of atmospheric pressure. Hyperbaric chambers compress air up to three times the normal pressure amount. This air pressure increase, coupled with the increase in oxygen breathed into the body, results in a much greater tissue oxygen concentration. Normally, we only breathe about 21 percent oxygen at a regular atmospheric pressure level. Taking in 100 percent oxygen at nearly triple the atmospheric pressure allows the body to experience the greatest amount of therapeutic benefits.

Hyperbaric therapy is used to treat a wide range of illnesses and may be the primary treatment option for some. More often, HBOT is used in combination with a variety of other treatments and programs. The exact combination and amount of oxygen therapy is completely dependent upon each individual case. The length and frequency of each hyperbaric oxygen treatment varies according to the individual patient and condition being treated. HBOT is primarily an outpatient treatment option that offers outstanding results with very little to no discomfort or side effects.  


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